Copyright 2009 Brian Dettmann


This has long been one of my favorite strips.  It wasn’t easy to draw, but I think it came out well, and it was one of the earliest strips where I had figured out how to use the shading tools in my photo editing software.  In future posts I’ll go into the various techniques I used for shading before having the light bulb moment of using computer tools.  Like people haven’t been using photo editing tools for 20 or 30 years now, right?

Of course the other part of this strip is the story and this one still makes me smile.  Like many of the strips this is based on real events.  Yes, I snore.  Yes, it drives my long suffering wife crazy; to the point she has confessed real thoughts of smothering me in the middle of the night just to get some sleep.  I tend to think she’s not alone in her suffering, hence the cartoon.  When I submitted it to The Chronicle I half expected to get a response saying “how is the threat of murder funny,” but I didn’t.  In the nearly 200 cartoons I’ve sent to the fine folks The Chronicle only once have I gotten a response back of “huh?  I don’t get it,”  though I’m sure they’ve thought it, God bless them.  After it was published I was sure someone would have a negative comment, but I got nothin’.  On the one hand I think, good; who wants negative publicity in your ONE paper.  On the other hand I think, bad; isn’t anyone reading this each week?  Maybe more people than I think could relate to this.