Eye Doctor


By the time I’d started Kids ‘n Dogs in 2008 my youngest daughter had been wearing glasses for about four years and I’d never liked the way my cartoon version of her looked.  That year we had decided she was mature enough to try contacts, which her doctor agreed with.   So here was my chance to “update” her look.  At the same time I also got a pair of glasses I thought I would start drawing on myself.  She’s stayed with her contacts, but as art imitates life I don’t wear my glasses very much and draw myself with them even less.  As a side note, the kids hated this eye doctor because they said he smelled like diarrhea.  On top of that, their customer service was lousy so we don’t go there anymore.

This cartoon was also one of my early attempts to put in some shading without cross-hatching.  For this cartoon I actually used a pink toy light box, cut out shaded pieces of paper and glued them on to the cartoon.  Although I was happy with the results it was a HUGE pain in the ass and took a long time.  Thankfully I found a better way in the not too distant future.