Simon Says



Well it’s certainly been awhile since I posted anything here and there is a reason for that, be it good or bad.  Bottom line, my family and I moved across the country from upstate New York to Texas.  While everything involved with a cross-country move, learning a new job and settling into a new life is definitely time consuming, one could make a reasonable argument that I should have been able to post SOMETHING within the last 18 months.  Oh well.  I can catch up now.  So they might be a couple years old now, but they’ll be new to most people.  For those of you who were lucky enough read them weekly in The Chronicle it’s a trip down memory lane.  Either way, enjoy!  And I’ll try to post another cartoon sometime within the next 18 months.

Unless you’re a long time reader this one might be a head scratch-er.    For the full story, see “Sad But True”  It is actually based on something my son did and I thought it was pretty funny, so give him a writing credit on this one.


Playing Monopoly



My son and daughter play a lot of Monopoly.  He loves it because he frequently wins; she just liked to play games.  It often amazes me than can be so pissed off at each other over one of these games and five minutes be back at it like nothing happened.  In a way, I guess that’s good.

Chess Match


Although I don’t think I’m old enough that any of my kids should be dating, my oldest daughter has a boyfriend. Thankfully he is a very nice kid with a good sense of humor and not some punk bastard I want to slap silly every time I see him.

I’ve been mentioning (threatening?) that one day he’ll wind up in the comic strip and this was it.

Sweet Potato

Like most of my cartoons this was inspired by a real conversation, but made cartoon-worthy with a little embellishment,  This happens quite a bit where I think “this would be a good cartoon,”  but then my woeful memory can’t bring it back when I sit down to sketch out ideas or draw a new one.  I’ve taken to making random one or two word notes that never seem to jog my memory enough.