Black Friday


Every year since I’ve started the strip, and it started appearing in The Chronicle, I’ve done a Black Friday themed strip, but they never make it in to the paper.  As those who live in the area know The Chronicle is published every Thursday except for Thanksgiving and a couple weeks around the new year.  The Thanksgiving edition is published on Wednesday, which I always forget and never get my cartoon submitted in time.  Purely my fault mismanaging my time.  This year, however, Cathy DeDe was able to find a spot for me, and I’m more than a little grateful.  I actually thought this cartoon was pretty funny and was a bit bummed in thinking it wouldn’t make print.  Thanks, Cathy!

Mostly I’m happy the cartoon is a complete work of fiction.  I did not go shopping on Black Friday and don’t understand how people get wrapped up in all that chaos.  To each his own I guess.  Also I would be grateful if I got a Charlie Brown t-shirt for Christmas.