Simon Says



Well it’s certainly been awhile since I posted anything here and there is a reason for that, be it good or bad.  Bottom line, my family and I moved across the country from upstate New York to Texas.  While everything involved with a cross-country move, learning a new job and settling into a new life is definitely time consuming, one could make a reasonable argument that I should have been able to post SOMETHING within the last 18 months.  Oh well.  I can catch up now.  So they might be a couple years old now, but they’ll be new to most people.  For those of you who were lucky enough read them weekly in The Chronicle it’s a trip down memory lane.  Either way, enjoy!  And I’ll try to post another cartoon sometime within the next 18 months.

Unless you’re a long time reader this one might be a head scratch-er.    For the full story, see “Sad But True”  It is actually based on something my son did and I thought it was pretty funny, so give him a writing credit on this one.


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