We finally got around to subscribing to Netflix a few months ago and have turned into big fans.  I know many people are annoyed with Netflix for their price increase last year, but that was before I joined and I only use streaming  so I think they’re actually a good deal.  We subscribed to Netflix when we dropped Time Warner Cable due a some very poor customer service experiences I had with them.  Anyway, while my wife and I like to watch new and different movies and TV shows, the kids seem to think there are only, like, three or four shows in the entire streaming library.  I guess you stick with what you like.

Dogma #10


Most dogs just live for the acceptance of their humans, be it playing , working, or just being a friend who is incapable of saying stuff you don’t want to hear (often a dog’s best trait) they want to be a good dog.  Sometimes that desire to help isn’t very well thought out.

Country Song


I’m catching up on five weeks worth of cartoons here, so I’ll keep the blathering to a minimum.

You know how you have those days where you just feel like everything is going wrong, or at the very least you’re in a mood to bitch about everything?  I’m not  a huge country music fan, but it seems like most of those songs are “woe is me” like bitching all day long.