Dogma #58


Observant readers will notice something I didn’t until after I finished this strip.  It’s minor, so I didn’t bother re-drawing it. Leave me a comment if you figure it out!


Dogma #4


Every morning my dogs watch me scoop their dry food out of the same container and put it down for them to eat.  Wallace, the pug, wastes no time and inhales his like a vacuum cleaner.  Mindy, the Shepherd can eat right away.  She’s very concerned about what Wallace has.  Why?  Who, outside of Cesar Millan and StanleyCoren can explain why they do what they do.

Anyway, this was my play on the “grass is always greener” cliche, if dogs had cliches.

Mild Winter Explained


We live in upstate New York, just inside of the Adirondack Park, about 2 hours from the Canadian border.  Winter?  Yeah, we get winter all right.  Snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures for days on end, the whole she-bang.  Except for this year.

This year has been the best winter (as far as I’m concerned) in recent memory.  We only had to shovel or use the snow thrower a couple times, National Grid or the oilman didn’t rob my savings account (there are three moths left in there) and I didn’t spend one second chopping ice off my roof.  Yes, I fully acknowledge some people live BECAUSE there is usually a lot of snow and cold; skiing snowmobiling, or what have you.  And yes, I know the lack of those activities really hurt a lot of small businesses who rely on those tourism dollars.  I feel bad for them.  But  I still LOVED this winter.

And here is why winter was so mild this year.  I spent a weekend in the fall fixing my snowthrower (which broke during a massive snowstorm in March 2011) and we bought three additional sets of snowshoes so the whole family could go this year.  In short, I was prepared to not fight winter this year and it never came.  Scientists will tell you it was La Nina, El Nino or just the hot air emitting from Al Gore’s pie-hole.  You won’t convince me it was anything but some sort of karma backlash.



I guess since it’s been about a month since my lazy butt has posted anything here, I better start catching up.  This is the first of three posts tonight.

Not long ago I started hearing the word “ginormous” floating around.  While I think it sounds kind of funny, I also find it annoying.  Where did this phony word come from anyway?  As a joke, my wife started using “gimongous” to describe our dog, Mindy.  She’s no Newfoundland or anything, but for people used to pugs and Pekingese she might as well be Clifford the big red dog.