Valentine’s Day (2012)


I like to think I’m kind of a romantic at heart, but Valentine’s Day is the lamest of the made up holidays.  If someone is really important to you why is one arbitrary day supposed to be more romantic than any the other 364 days?  Because card makers, florists and chocolatiers say so?  That just makes me feel manipulated into spending money (that I don’t have).  Thankfully my wife would be happier seeing me work on our kitchen renovations than seeing me walk through the door with flowers.


Dogma #95


Sometimes I think my life revolves around dogs.  We’ve had at least one dog in the house since before we were married; at one point we had five and currently we have two.  The first and last thing I do everyday is take out the dogs.  During the day it’s feed the dogs, water the dogs, take the dogs out (vicious cycle that one), stop the dogs from fighting, tell dogs to stop barking, rub a dog’s head; you get the idea.  All of this is a lot of time each day spent with a dog and after awhile you start to wonder what they think.  Naturally we project human thoughts and emotions because it’s what we know.  Humans often show interest when someone is talking to them by tilting their heads.  Does it mean the same with dogs?  Somehow I doubt it.

Valentines Day (2008)


This was the first Kids ‘ Dogs comic published by The Chronicle, making it the first time Kids ‘n Dogs was published AND the first time I had a comic published by someone other than me.  Needless to say it was a great thrill for me.  Yes, the art is pretty crude, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?  I will be eternally grateful to Mark Frost at The Chronicle for giving me a 10 week shot that’s turned into four years and still going.  As for the strip itself, this didn’t really happen, it was just something that occurred to me in the middle of the night while sketching out as many ideas as I could to get the strip going.



Having twins brings along some unique issues; yes there are many special bonds unique only to twins that you don’t want to ignore, but you also want them to be their own person and not always tied to their sibling.  Birthdays are an interesting situation and no matter how you feel about it, they will always share that birthday.  Luckily our twins are pretty easy going and this particular conversation has never happened.  However, this year I’ve noticed they each refer to it as “my birthday” not “our birthday,” which I think is natural.  It’s not like a wedding anniversary where you’ve chosen to have a life event with another person; they’re stuck with each other and have no say in the matter.