Sweet Potato

Like most of my cartoons this was inspired by a real conversation, but made cartoon-worthy with a little embellishment,  This happens quite a bit where I think “this would be a good cartoon,”  but then my woeful memory can’t bring it back when I sit down to sketch out ideas or draw a new one.  I’ve taken to making random one or two word notes that never seem to jog my memory enough.


Dogma #8


Our dog, the one tall enough to reach the top of the bed, wakes me up like this more often than I would care for it to happen.  If I ignore her long enough, which is more difficult than one might think, she’ll crawl onto the bed, walk a couple steps, collapse all 60-70 pounds of her body onto whatever human body parts happen to be there, let out a really loud, almost cow-like sounding moan and then go to sleep.  Of course my wife and I are now awake by this point, but that doesn’t matter to the dog.

Natural Position


Not surprisingly I’ve fallen behind, once again, with posting regular content to this site.  Between the holidays, work, life in general and getting the cartoon out before the print deadline, new posts have fallen by the wayside.  So today I’m going to post the last four cartoons that were published by The Chronicle.  One more comes out tomorrow, which I will post next week (or at least hope to).

While this one is indeed based on a story I read about a restaurant trying ban the practice of standing while peeing, the facts is the restaurant just had a joke sign in their bathroom to make like standing while peeing was forbidden.  I mean, how are you enforcing that anyway?  The conversation depicted here only happened in my head, and like most things that happen there, I found it funny.