In the Garden

Working on the Garden


Sometimes I base cartoons on actual events or conversations, other times it’s just a figment of my imagination.  This one is kind of in-between the two.  Anneliese offered to help in the garden and I did ask her to hold her hand out, but she knew better in real life.  Actually she did help me plant some corn in our little garden and the stalks grew, but we never get any edible corn.  If nothing my wife, Tara, likes to use the stalks for decoration in the fall.


Coming Soon

I’ll be launching the new home for “Kids ‘n Dogs” comics right here on WordPress!  Since February 2008,  the “Kids ‘n Dogs” comic strip has been published in (almost) every edition of  The Chronicle a free weekly newspaper out of Glens Falls, NY.   A new Chronicle is published every Thursday, available in just about every store in the area; pick one up!  Check here each Monday  for a “classic” strip that has been run in a previous issues, and Wednesday to see the strip from last week’s Chronicle.

Hope you enjoy it!